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Training at ASP was outstanding. From the first session, I knew that the experience would be unlike any other exercise prescription. My custom-tailored program increased my overall muscle strength, stamina, and cardiac ability, all while increasing flexibility and decreasing vulnerability to injury. The effectiveness of the program allowed my team and I to train at max intensity on the water without burn out. I was extremely impressed by my improvements training at ASP, and I would definitely only want to train using the program mentality in the future.

Dave Stack

Jack Cooney’s designed workouts and ASP’s competitive environment have been instrumental in developing me into a superior athlete and preparing me for college! My measurables have increased tremendously, I’ve gained 35lbs of lean mass, and my strength increased by over 400%! The mental preparation Jack provided has been vital in my transition into NCAA laccrosse and football! Thank you ASP for the invaluable physical and intangible gifts you have supplied!

Drew Pomeranz

It was exactly what I was looking for – a place to get my workouts in with people who know what they’re doing. There’s not many places like this place around. I work with Jack and Jared. A lot of gyms, the one-on-one part gets lost with so many people the trainers are trying to train. Here Jack and Jared are very hands on with all their training and making sure you’re doing everything right, stretching you, teaching you how to do the lifts the correct way. It makes you better, makes you stronger. It’s why I’m here.

Chase Utley

Being a professional athlete, we’re always looking for the best trainers, a nice facility and a space that’s appropriate. ASP has all those things. The staff here is very knowledgable and whatever you need they’re there for you. I’ve made gains and strides and become a better athlete overall.

Jen Berg

Accelerate has kept me healthy and provided me with a true competitive edge. Their science based programs, attention to detail, and nutritional guidance are far more advanced than anything I have ever experienced. I spend my off-seasons conditioning at Accelerate and today, I feel stronger, more balanced, centered, and ready for Alaska Big Mountain Heli-Skiing! Training at Accelerate’s facility and using their top of the line equipment has made my overall health, focus and stamina better than ever! They have truly revolutionized the meaning of athletic development.

Nathan Chen

In just 2 1/2 months at Accelerate Sports Performance I went from 170 pounds to 188 in lean mass. The fashion of which it was attained was superb! Jack, Hannah, and Jared can be credited for teaming up to make a spectacular squad over on there Powell. When I told them I need to gain weight the right way in order to get ready for my first season of division 1 rugby at the University of Arizona, they were completely on top of it. They gave me workouts specifically for my sport and gave me a food program to stick by. Accelerate put me in the best situation to succeed athletically and I'm so thankful I went with them. You best believe I'll be there next summer too!

Ben Smith

I was going to be in SF for one month and came across ASP's web page after a google search. I was really impressed with their strategic approach to training and their custom workout plans. After one session I knew that this was going to be a great place to start my summer training. I was just coming off of a long season and the ASP staff helped me rehab lingering injuries while getting my body back to midseason form. After one month, I felt more balanced and stronger than I have in a long time. I was so impressed that I am continuing to work with them even after leaving the west coast. Big thank you to ASP for all of their help and I recommend them to anyone in the Bay Area looking to get their performance to the next level.


Jack and his team at ASP helped me regain the physical and mental strength to return to full duty as a firefighter. On January 12, 2015 I was severely burned during a call involving a house fire. The first floor collapsed, which caused me to fall into a basement that was engulfed in flames. After spending three weeks in the burn unit ICU, I embarked on my long road to recovery. A veteran firefighter once told me, "The most important tools for this job are your body and your mind." When my burns healed I was ready to get back into shape, but I knew I needed to find a facility that would take physical conditioning as seriously as I did. I needed to gain back the confidence I had in my body prior to my accident and luckily I discovered Accelerate Sports Performance. Jack and his team helped me accomplish so much more than just feeling confident again. I was introduced to a scientific approach to my workout prescription, constant supervision to ensure my form was correct, and a competitive environment to push my body to get better every day. They educated me on the importance of diet and taught me that high quality food results in high quality workouts. With the help of ASP's well educated trainers and top of the line equipment, I was able to see a huge change in my body. Thank you Jack and ASP for helping me reach my physical goals and acquire the mental edge to get back to my career as a firefighter.


In just 7 months ASP helped me return to play post ACL surgery afterwhich my team and I charged to the championship and I received platinum honors in club. I tore my ACL during Memorial Day weekend last year during my AAU game. My knee got caught between two girls during a trap in the backcourt. I tried moving away from them but the hard impact was too strong for my knee to handle. I knew something was bad because I heard a loud pop. After knee surgery, ASP became my second home. I adapted very quickly and about two weeks in, I had already gotten my full range of motion back. Coming to ASP has made me aware of how I land, jump, squat, run, and more. It’s made me stronger physically and mentally than I was before injury. I’m back on the court now and feel like I was never injured. Thank you Jack, Jared, and Curtis!


At ASP, the program revolves around the patient and their sport. The entire team is very knowledgeable, encouraging and at your disposal – they are clearly professionals in their field. ASP provided a wide range of exercises that were specific to my shoulder and hip injury and that simulated my sport’s movements. I never felt like I was doing a specific exercise or stretch for the sake of just doing it – the staff explained how each exercise assisted my recovery, anatomically and physiologically. ASP is a unique gym that successfully incorporates sports medicine and strength and conditioning through science: from using monitors and cameras to help you understand your biomechanics, to discussing why certain reps of an exercise are done. I don’t think I have felt so confident and happy going into another season thanks to the ASP system and staff!


I came to ASP this past offseason. Instead of the common and repetitive exercises that many high school athletes have been introduced to tirelessly, the exercises at ASP consisted of new movements, novel in design, and supplemented the activation of un-accessed muscle groups. Training experience included what I thought to be unorthodox exercises; nonetheless, the results were tremendous in reward and immediately became apparent. Through a rigorous weekly workout plan, I began to see big improvements in my performance numbers through tests like the 40, vertical, and their own unique assessment. In addition to increased athleticism I became further in tune with my body – which speaks to a type of improvement that can’t be easily measured or gained (and which colleges recruit look for after they’ve seen the numbers). To anyone looking to raise themselves to their highest potential as an all-around athlete, ASP is the place to go!.


Accelerate Sports Performance has helped me both physically and mentally, with a return to play better than I was before. Because of the thorough science-based assessment, ASP’s team was able to design a program that went beyond my expectations. After having a major surgery on my groin, I did not think was going to be able to perform at the level I once performed, professionally or D1. ASP’s team prescribed rehab for my injuries, past and present, and used science-based programs to reduce further injury, while maximizing my potential as an athlete. It was beneficial and also refreshing. ASP’s meal prep was amazing: gourmet meals from a team of seven professional chefs, who prepare meals based on your dietary needs and restrictions. It has helped immensely with my busy lifestyle. The ASP team and athletes create a sense of comfort, enjoyment, and enthusiasm, which mentally motivates me to perform at my best at all times! Thanks ASP!


I gave Jack one month to get me on track. It took him about a week. From day one, Jack and Jared got me going on a customized program to re-train my body’s movements and muscle firing patterns. They helped activate some of those important lateral and core muscles that had been neglected for years. Within three weeks, my core had gone from a weakness to an asset, and I had added three inches on my vertical. I now have 100% confidence that the team at ASP can get me to my fitness goals by the start of the next season. These guys are beyond imagination.


I cannot thank the staff at Accelerate Sports Performance enough for the training and instruction I received over the summer. I was thoroughly impressed by how tailored my program was to my specific sport; it made me a better athlete and a better hockey player. I am quicker on the ice, more powerful in my movements and more efficient at skating. The ASP staff and interns really prepared me well for my upcoming hockey season at Princeton, and I highly recommend ASP to any other athlete looking to up their performance!


I am a future college athlete and I have the pleasure of working out with Jack Cooney. Jack has improved my strength, awareness, and energy system efficiency using his extensive knowledge of the human body. My strength and power have increased by over 400 percent. The equipment is amazing and Jack’s ability to create exercises that directly mirror the movement in my sport is astounding and invaluable. Jack customizes my workouts specifically to help me gain bat speed and strength at the plate. Without Jack, I couldn’t be the player that I am now.


Accelerate Sports Performance (ASP) is a facility far exceeding any other gym I have ever trained in. I have found a new desire to work hard and achieve new physical goals because of the results ASP has shown me in such a short period of time. The work that they are doing at ASP is light years beyond what is out there. A special Thank You to Jack Cooney, he is by far the best trainer I have ever had the honor to train with. Thank you for your time, dedication and professionalism to my program and for sharing your knowledge with me.


Through playing competitive rugby I’ve learned how to improve my game performance through exercise, but it doesn’t compare to the customized workouts you get at Accelerate. Jack addressed my distinct athletic needs for dynamic strength while maintaining maximum mobility and a high level of endurance. It’s clear to me that the training supervision and biomechanical analysis you get at Accelerate generates substantial results and is something you cannot replicate on your own. Accelerate is taking my game to the next level.


I saw reviews of Accelerate Sports Performance online, and decided to give them a try in for my offseason training. I can honestly say that I had the best training/ workout regime of any summer I’ve had in college. The emphasis on injury prevention, functional strength, and explosive movements helped me put on 10 lbs. of muscle, 3” on my vertical, 10” on my broad and, 16” on my 1 leg lateral bound. After having several injuries over the course of my college football career, my body feels better than it has ever felt before a season. The heightened attention on proper form and core strength will help me prevent injury on the field, and help me move better as well. Overall, my training experience was excellent with a multitude of trainers ready to assist me on exercises and always testing me to push my limits. Jack and his staff did a great job preparing me for my season, and I recommend Accelerate to any person/athlete preparing for a season, or any important athletic event.


Jack is an exceptional personal trainer who’s cutting edge knowledge of fitness, health, athletic movement and equipment allows him to develop workouts to maximize the potential of his clients. As a college volleyball player, Jack provided me with workouts designed to specifically cater to my volleyball needs: explosiveness, strength, and overall fitness. My training with Jack has given me a performance edge all season and kept me injury free. I highly recommend Jack as a knowledgable motivator who can get to achieve your maximum potential.


Jack Cooney hones in on the specifics and maximizes my time training. I have never felt better than I do training with Jack. I am really impressed with the equipment and dedication of ASP’s facility. I seek to live a life that will allow me to maintain the highest standard of physical fitness. It’s part of what keeps me going and living in San Francisco; it’s all about being efficient and at the top. This is why the experience for me at ASP was so important and astounding. Thank you ASP for the motivation, training and insight to life of balance and pushing limits!!


Having spent nearly three months working out at ASP, I can honestly say for the first time in my 15-year athletic career, my time in the gym is translating directly to the playing field. Jack worked with me to create a custom program that, through quantifiable data, has allowed me to see my workouts not only improve my strength, but also my understanding of bio-mechanics as well. I’ve spent time at most major gyms in the country, worked with countless collegiate and professional trainers, but never before have my workouts been more purposeful. My only regret is not finding ASP earlier.


As an adult athlete, I am looking to maintain longevity in my career while continuing to perform at an elite level. ASP is the perfect gym. Jack’s attention to detail and methods of researching, building, and progressing each individuals program is remarkable. He adjusts our programs on the fly so everyone stays healthy. I have seen him take some athletes seriously injured in play, back to the playing field better than they were before. The workouts are challenging, fun (sometimes), and innovative. I couldn’t be happier with this gym!

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