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A Rigorous Immersion for Dedicated Professionals

An internship at ASP is a terrific way to gain hands-on, individualized coaching experience and mentorship through the ASP philosophy.

The Accelerate Sports Performance Education Program requires a series of clinical experiences consisting of competencies and proficiencies through research, lab and facility settings. Skill evaluation will include practice in labs and demonstration of competencies in a coaching setting. A continually evolving competence is required to be involved in real-world coaching through the course of the internship.

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Application Dates

Sept 1 to Dec 23

3 positions available
Application due 8/1

Jan 6 to May 31

3 positions available
Application due 12/1

Jun 1 to Aug 30

3 positions available
Application due 5/1

ASP Internship
Successful completion of the ASP Education Program has helped many interns in their pursuits of physical therapy, post graduate work, strength and conditioning, athletic training, coaching, and personal training goals.

By providing a comprehensive and well rounded approach, our interns come away with two significant benefits:

  • The ability to recognize structural, functional, biomechanical and physiological trends, patterns, predispositions, etiology in applied sports science
  • The ability to address such issues specific to each individual’s needs

ASP stresses the importance of an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, and performance physiology to properly structure programs and adapt as all exercise prescription requires.