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How does it work

Step 1 - Assess

step1 - Training Assessment

Given that each athlete’s history, goals and personal physiology are unique, ASP staff first start with an understanding of the athlete’s medical history and strengths and weaknesses.


Every athlete’s history is unique so their goals and personal physiology are unique. The ASP staff first start by understanding you: your goals, medical history, strengths and weaknesses in order to customize your journey.

Each assessment may include:

Step 2 - Customize

customize training in San Francisco

ASP staff custom design for you a science-based program to optimize performance, rehabilitate or reduce injury risk and maximize productivity. Using TrainingSlate platform you can stay on track with your progress.


Next, ASP staff will design a science-based program to optimize performance, rehabilitate or reduce injury risk and maximize career productivity.

All of our science-based performance programs include the following:

Step 3 - Train

step3 - personalized training access

ASP provides a semi-private environment with modern equipment. Our coaches train no more than 4 at a time so that everyone gets access to support, motivation, education, and positivity they need for their fitness journey.

All of our training sessions at ASP take place in a semi-private training environment with an athlete-to-coach ratio of no more than 4:1. We feel this type of training format provides the most motivating, stimulating, educational and unconditionally positive environment for all our athletes to achieve their goals.

Accelerate Sports Performance seeks to educate you throughout the training process, including what we are doing and why we are doing it, so that athletes may attain a better understanding of their body and its individual requirements.

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What Happens After I Sign Up?

Drop in anytime, no need to schedule

We know you’re busy with work, school, games, kids, travel. Just drop in during our hours of operation and our staff will always be ready to guide you through your program safely and efficiently. Sessions will last as long as it takes to safely implement your exercise prescription for the day.

Don’t skip a beat, consistency is key

On the road for a week or two? We’ve got you covered! Our all-inclusive membership model means you will have your program on your mobile device when you travel and when you return you can carry missed sessions over to bookending weeks. We encourage you to make up sessions to be successful.

Join our nurturing community

Our members range from ~10 to 70+ years old. They may be recreational, amateur, professional, Olympic, or Office athletes. Many members are focused on general fitness, lifestyle performance, longevity, and healthspan. Overlapping, we have individuals working on comprehensive surgical rehab and prehab including ACL, hip, knee, shoulder, back, wrist, ankle…you name it! A diverse member base driven towards function, performance, and longevity! Join the fun!

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